Build financial services into your products

Get-data driven insights across a fully integrated suite of credit products and start making informed lending decisions.
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Ship new credit products faster

Grow revenues by offering tailored credit products to a market of new retail and business customers. Cashful handles the back-end infrastructure so you can build and launch quickly.

Build and launch faster

Build and launch in days leveraging our easy to use developer API tools, documentation, and guides.
Enhance risk and affordability assessments using our predictive insights built using consolidated transaction and loan outcome data.

Reduce risk

Increase acceptances

Streamline underwriting, improve accuracy in decision making and reduce turnovers from days to hours.

Scale securely

Our platform scales with you securely to help you build the tools you need to bring innovative solutions to life.


Credit infrastructure for banks and fintechs

Cashful provides the complete infrastructure and tools required to enable lenders to embed, launch and distribute lending products to a new market of borrowers.

Cashful offers a single API driven Credit-as-a-Service integration that enables you to link and verify user financial accounts for easy access to financial data. Launch and scale credit products within your existing stack. No need to migrate, simply plug and play.

Build the future of financial services

Data dashboard

Credit report enhanced by alternative data

Data dashboard

Credit report enhanced by alternative data

Account data

Real-time access to transaction and balance data

Account verification

Access validated identity information and mitigate risk

Beautiful user experience

Implement Cashful in days with just a few lines of code and streamline your user experience with our simple front-end integration.

Security and compliance

Information security, compliance and data privacy are at the heart of our work. We employ organizational, technical and physical measures to protect the security, confidentiality and integrity of customer information.